Vision and Goal

Our vision for Center for Industrial Mathematics (CIM) is that CIM becomes an internationally renowned mathematical research center with an emphasis on industrial applications through domestic and international collaborations and gains excellence in the community for its scholarly activities, in addition to clear distinction from other mathematical research centers, and that CIM contributes to the domestic mathematics community through active communication with international mathematical research centers such as IPAM, IMA, ICERM, INSMI, RICAM, etc.

Moreover, CIM plays a crucial role for the globalization of the department of mathematical sciences in UNIST (UNIST Math) and becomes a global forerunner pioneering industrial mathematical works, in close relation to UNIST Math, by actively supporting diverse and challenging mathematical ideas and trials for the benefit of all mankind.


  • Globalization

  • Establishment of Mathematical Research Exchange Programs with International scholars and centers
  • Short-term Invitation of international scholars for colloquium, lecture series, etc.
  • Support for graduate students’ international short-term training via center’s exchange or visiting programs
  • Academy-Industry Collaboration

  • Proposals of joint research projects reflecting industrial needs or CIM’s own interest
  • Research exchange with government-funded research centers such as NIMS on topics of numerical analysis, image processing, complex systems, cryptography, mathematical modeling of eco-system
  • Hosting Symposia and Workshops on topics of Big data, Complex-system network, epidemic modeling, etc.